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Confessions:  Saturdays 4:15pm until 4:45pm or upon request.

Pastoral Hospital and Home Visitation: Father Jim reminds parishioners that the area hospitals do not usually call the parish office to inform him of parishioners admitted.  If you wish Father Jim to visit you in the hospital or at home, it is important that he is informed so that he may visit.  Please be mindful that it is most appropriate that you receive the mysteries of Penance, Anointing and Eucharist prior to any surgery or hospital stay.

Scheduling Liturgies:  Parishioners wishing to schedule a divine liturgy may certainly do so.  Please write down the name(s) of the person(s) that you wish to have divine liturgy offered on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope marked "Liturgy Request -- Father Jim" and submit it to the parish office along with the $20 stipend.  Also, note whether the person(s) that you are requesting liturgies for is living or deceased.

Scheduling Appointments with Father Jim:  If you need to schedule an appointment with Father Jim, you may do so by contacting him by email or phone.     810-659-4887

Holy Images/Holy Space:  We  should be mindful and respectful how we conduct ourselves in our church of St. Michael.  It is a place of prayer, healing and spiritual nourishment.  It is a holy place for one to gather one's thoughts before the divine services and a place to offer thanksgiving after the divine services.  Unnecessary talking and movement are not respectful, especially to those who are trying to pray.  Parishioners should try to come to church early in order to be in the right mind to pray.  The church classrooms and hall are the places for socializing and activity.  We ask parishioners to be good examples of prayer as it nourishes a life in Christ.

Parish Socials:  Parishioners may gather in the classroom area after weekend divine liturgies to have a snack and to socialize.  All are welcome -- including guests!  If you see someone who is visiting include an invitation to our social as part of your spirit of Welcome.

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