2022 Combined Calendar for St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church and St. George Byzantine Catholic Church


 15  St. George: Pastoral Council Meeting          at 1:00 pm.

 19  St. Michael: Parish Council Meeting.

 22  St. George: Family Day Potluck                   honoring graduates following Divine           Liturgy.

 26  ASCENSION OF OUR LORD - Begin         Devotional Prayer Preparation for               Pentecost.

 28  St. Michael: Continue Prayer                       Preparaton for Pentecost.

 29  St. Michael: Continue Prayer                       Preparaton for Pentecost.


   4  St. Michael: 5th All Souls Liturgy.

   5  St. Michael: PENTECOST– Family             Day Breakfast honoring graduates             following Divine Liturgy.

 16  St. Michael: Parish Council Meeting.


 20  St. Michael: Feast of ELIJAH GREAT         PROPHET: Vehicles Blessed after               Liturgy.

 21  St. Michael: Parish Council Meeting.

 24  St. George: Vehicles Blessed after



   7  St. Michael: TRANSFIGURATION -             Fruit Blessed after Liturgy.

 13  St. Michael: Corn Roast & Picnic for           Dormition of the Theotokos.

 15  St. Michael: Feast of the DORMITION         of the THEOTOKOS - Flowers                     Blessed.

 18  St. Michael: Parish Council Meeting.


   2  Beginning of Uniontown Pilgrimage.

 15  St. Michael: Parish Council Meeting.

 18  St. George: Picnic - Bay City State             Park - Shelter 2.

 25  St. George: Pastoral Council Meeting         at 1:00pm

TBD  St. Michael: Beginning of ECF                   Classes - Taco Party.


 16  St. George: Pastoral Council Meeting         at 1:00pm.

 20  St. Michael: Parish Council Meeting.

 29  St. Michael: First Bake.

       St. George: Rolling Cabbage Begins.

 30  St. George: 53rd Annual Stuffed                 Cabbage Dinner.


   7  St. Michael: Parish Velija on Old                 Calendar Christmas.  Liturgy at 4:00           followed by Velija Dinner.


   2  St. Michael: Bake Sale.

   5  St. Michael: St. Michael Dinner.

   9  St. Michael: Bake Sale.

 12  St. Michael: Bake.

       St, George: Stuffed Cabbage To-Go           rolling and sale.

 13  St, George: Stuffed Cabbage To-Go           sale.

 16  St. Michael: Bake Sale.

 17  St. Michael: Parish Council Meeting.

 19  St. Michael: Bake.

 20  St, George: Pastoral Council Meeting         at 1:00pm.

 23  St. Michael: Bake Sale.


 10  St. Michael: St. Nicholas Visit and Pot         Luck.

 11  St. George: St. Nicholas Day                       celebration.

 15  St. Michael: Parish Council Meeting.

 18  St. George: Secret Pal Brunch and             Reveal.