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     When we receive the mysteries (sacraments) of Baptism and Chrismation (Confirmation) we receive the Holy Spirit.  Through Baptism we each share in the Priesthood of Christ.  We are each called, as the apostles and disciples were, to spread the Gospel to the world through word and action.

     The aim of the Adult Faith Formation program is to increase knowledge and understanding of Holy Scripture and our precious gift of faith; in the hope that this knowledge and understanding will bring us closer to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and increase our love of Him.

     Our faith is formed and we learn about God throughout our life.  We learn first from the example and instruction of our parents and family.  As we mature we learn in structured classes, either in a Catholic School or through our parish-sponsored religious education programs (ECF here at St Michael parish - click on [ECF] in the menu to learn more about the program).

     As adults our faith is formed through independent learning and participation in the Divine Liturgy.  At each liturgy we hear the Word of God through Holy Scripture readings and the homily given by the priest.

To supplement this basic learning, the Adult Faith Formation program was initiated during Great Lent 2022.  It utilizes both electronic and printed media.

  • Resources are provided on-line with the use of e-mail to send information and instructional videos to all members of the parish.

  • Each weekly bulletin contains the scripture readings for that Sunday with a brief catechetical summary with the hope that parishioners will take the bulletin home to reread the Epistle and Gospel and prayerfully consider the homily.

  • Each bulletin includes:

    • At least one article about the scripture readings with questions and suggestions on how to apply it to our lives.

    • Information on the icons depicting the Gospel.

    • Information on the various saints and feasts of the Church prior to the feast to deepen our understanding and enhance the celebration of the feast.

    • Short articles on other topics of faith.

Our goal is to provide three easy-to-read items in each bulletin.

     We also provide prayer-filled guides to explain and celebrate the liturgical seasons (e.g. Lenten Family Guide - Devotion for 9-day Preparation for Pentecost).

     All materials are principally presented from the perspective of the Eastern Catholic Church, with emphasis on Eastern Catholic Theology.

     We hope in the future to supplement the bulletins and e-mails with in-person classes; to meet in groups to learn about our faith using videos, books and classroom instruction.

     We pray that through education and prayerful faith formation we will all be filled with the Holy Spirit and grow in our love of God.

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