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Eastern Christian Formation

Unofficial Mission Statement: "To seek, learn, know, be and celebrate the life and love of the Holy Trinity and the presence of Jesus Christ within us and among us through Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and our God-given gifts."

Our E.C.F. program places a greater emphasis on the value of parents, as primary educators. Hopefully, this will allow us to cover more materials more effectively while providing more opportunities to engage in other spiritual endeavors, as well as spiritual and social activities.

We call upon our Lord’s blessing upon our E.C.F. catecheists, parents, and students. May this be a spiritually enriching year for our parish.

Much education occurs at home but approximately once a month, ECF classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 A.M.

ECF Coordinator: Martha Rau, 810-659-4887.


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