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The Service Apostolate includes parishioners nominated by the Pastoral Council and approved by the pastor.  Attending to the mission of our church and our 5-Year Plan and with the visions of the Good Samaritan and St. Nicholas in mind, they focus on service to those in need in our parish and community.  In all their endeavors, the members of the Service Apostolate will give glory to Jesus Christ and attempt to set an example of being a Christian. Service Apostolate Logo

Currently, the Service Apostolate focuses on the North End Soup Kitchen (NESK). Monetary donations, non-perishable food items, and personal items are collected throughout each month and distributed monthly. On the third weekend, our "Byzzie-Truck" is available at our entrance to receive donations from our neighbors. On the fourth Wednesday of each month, a group of parishioners prepare and serve food at NESK -- others are very welcome (and encouraged) to join us. Contact Betsy and Bob Malenich at 810-659-4887.

Our service within our parish and to our surrounding community will be expanded soon.

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